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Many of us have had our lives affected in so many ways since the arrival of the Coronavirus epidemic.  Now that things are starting to return to some form of normality, many people could be facing new challenges.  Children have returned to school but I’m sure that many parents are concerned about the negative impact on their children’s learning will see them struggling in the year ahead.  People who have been working from home may now see it as an opportunity to continue working from home, while others might be anxious to return to the workplace. This being the case, some workers may not be given the choice.  People who have lost their jobs may not be able to find work quickly and subsequently, this could lead to financial hardship.  People who were normally happy to socialise with friends may now be reluctant to return to their previous lives and those of us who had planned holidays overseas may now be reluctant to do any overseas travel in the future.

With all that is happened, it is quite normal for many to feel some level of anxiety and to hesitate about returning to life as they knew it.  However, if you find that your anxiety levels are preventing you from coping with life as you knew it, make sure that you speak to someone about it.  For those whose children may have some struggles at school, talk to their teachers about your concerns and avoid blaming yourselves.  For those whose return to work is not what you hoped for, consider speaking to your employer.

Everyone has worked so hard together to manage through this difficult time, and it is important to recognise the strengths you have and continue to move forward to the ‘new normal’