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For many people, past experiences in their relationships make them fearful of moving into another relationship.  This fear is understandable and it often requires reflection on those experiences to determine how to move forward and to learn how to recognize a meaningful relationship. Most couples make a decision to be together because they love each other but  all too often, the love disappears over time.  What then is a good and meaningful relationship where love will endure? 

  1. Similar interests, attitudes and values are very important as they help couples to enjoy each other’s company and have meaningful conversations.
  2. Trust is a big factor in a relationship. Each person needs to be willing to trust their partner with their emotions and their failings.  With trust comes honesty, and if the relationship is strong, honest feelings, no matter how painful, can be discussed.
  3. Empathy is important.  To be able to support your partner and see things from their perspective will help to build closeness.
  4. Respect each other’s opinions, beliefs and boundaries. As couples learn more about each other, they will learn to know how to recognize their partner’s need for space, time, or sexual boundaries.
  5. Learn and value each other’s needs. Each person has different personality, psychological and physical needs and it is important for couples to recognize and help each other fulfil those needs.
  6. Good communication is extremely important. No relationship is without its difficulties, but if as a couple you are able to speak to each in a constructive instead of a destructive way, then it’s more likely that differences can be resolved so that you can move forward amicably.
  7. Equality in a relationship takes away any resentment that might come from one partner having power over the other. Each person will have their own set of strengths and weaknesses and it is by utilizing the strengths of each other that will help couples reach this goal.
  8. A sense of humor has an important role to play in a good relationship. If couples can laugh at themselves it can often lighten the moment.
  9. Each person in a relationship should not expect to always get their own way so it is important to be prepared to compromise if needed.
  10. Intimacy is very important in any relationship and requires couples to have a deeper understanding of each other.